The client who didn’t know she could RUN, until she TRIED

I write this LONG article for two main reasons I can stop talking to myself when praying and meditating (been bugging me since a week now ) some people can realise how they limit themselves just by the way they think at times.

The latter will be more beneficial I hope.

Every single person that comes to work with me, I either get defined or redefined. read more

Hijacked by my sugar fix

Yesterday I carefully proceeded to having my first cake. Treat of the year I called it.

Having told myself I need to go easy with the treats after witnessing the pants get a bit too tight it was easy to re train my brain with love and affection to avoid it for the new year.

I have had a few small chocolates pieces in the precious days without going mental and I felt cool and having seen my body shape up quite quick after the festive period I was chuffed. read more

How To Have Presence and Power In An Uncertain World.

Presence and Power

I know too well being ME sometimes can be overwhelming and too often I get stuck in who I was and who I really am at the core of my existence.

I get caught up in the romantic ideal of love, fixated on my day to day acts of living and sometimes too much of a coward to come out of my comfort zone, It sucks, it really does. The nerves and frustration kicks in, along the way and you can wake up knowing what you have to do and what you are doing are two totally different things. read more

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