7 Principles

The 7 principles with Fitness Reborn UK

The below principles are set out not just to change you physically but also help you  raise your

Productivity,  Energy, Relationship with yourself., Relationship with loved one and for you to become the best version of yourself in every area of your life.


Together we will reset this and get you to understand how sleep maybe the cause of preventing you from dropping weight or even gaining muscle.
Sleep is IMPORTANT for recovery and growth for every living thing on this planet. You will get to find out your sleep pattern and exactly how many hours you will need without feeling exhausted during the day.
All of my clients when they address this first rule find themselves feeling more energetic and the drive to keep going on their plan is ten times easier.



Statistics show that people who eat a good breakfast in the morning are most likely to maintain a healthy weight or drop fat depending on their goals and most importantly have a better lifestyle.
Most people feel they will lose weight if they miss a meal but it’s the total opposite. The morning time is crucial to how you address weight gain or weight loss. We will find out what foods suit you the best at the power hour and how you can also implement quick meals when you are feeling you are racing with time.



Most stay away from supplements but from my own experience it took me a long time to address that I needed the five basic supplements to aid me with my goals, and more for my goals. Supplements all vary from person to person especially for those who have medical issues. In the program I will tell you exactly what to take and when to take them. There are five basic supplements every human being needs to take.



Did you know if one of our cells in the body is dehydrated by just 3 percent then you can experience an increase of 12 percent rise of muscle weakness and strength ?
Most times people confuse hunger for thirst, you will be shown tips on how to assess whether you are hungry or thirsty. Drink at least 2 litres per day, not only will it keep you looking fresh and young but you will find dropping the weight more quicker than you thought.


Self- love:

Everything you learn on the journey is about you and I am super big on self- love as it sets you free to invite the best things in your life.
Self love is not taught to us but it can be learnt and re addressed back into our lives like we are young children all over again. Loving yourself is crucial and you will discover just how amazing you are when you peel away the layers that has protected you to just survive.


Positive mind set:

We all have bad patches in our lives and it can come to scar us. All our stories are unique and special and each person has a blue print of their own teachings and learnings from it. Though some people just move on for others situations can leave a negative way of looking at life. Using Fitness as a tool we will re- create your mindset to become positive and in doing so you will become powerful.



Without this principle, almost everything can seem harder to reach. My clients are taught all the high class techniques that is needed for them to perform and keep going till the end. Some of my clients have achieved success in manifesting their dream jobs, conceiving a baby after years of trying and even attaining enough confidence to follow their passion and heart.


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