About Me

Rooted in the reality that today’s gym and exercise culture is not the total solution required to meet individual health and fitness related goals, I put together a program for those seeking an alternative to body shaming, crash diets and over-exercising leading to injuries. The main objective is to empower women to reclaim their lives, and create a long term solution to those who suffer from negative body image and mental issues.

The 6 week program takes you on a journey of self – love, healing and understanding your mind set and body by combining neuroscience and fitness together helping you to step into the best version of yourself by recreating and rewiring old negative patterns into healthy and positive ones. With that been said thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to working together.

My love for sport started with the late Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Laila Ali, who visited my college at the age of 17. I was fortunate enough to interview her which inspired me to box later on in my early twenties.

As a young teenager I suffered from very poor self-image issues. My growth spurt had me looking bigger and taller than the school girls and I carried a lot of excess fat. It never bothered until I went to a mixed college and started to compare myself with other females my age.

Eating disorders came to me the form of Bulimia, anorexia and later on developing into binge eating.

“The stress of looking good and in perfect shape had a lot of psychological damage, I do not ever remember being nice to myself about how I looked. To others I was this beautiful person but in the mirror I was this horrendous, fat and ugly individual. Not eating and over exercising was self -punishment inflicted on myself and a weird form of control”

I didn’t know I had an eating disorder until family members around me started to pick up on my habits, I didn’t see it as a problem but with a split personality, one that was happy and lovely to be around and the other a moody and angry person it was evident my lack of food created those highs and lows.

It is very hard to explain to anyone what this disorder does to you, it eats you away from the very core and takes over any rational explanation.

Growing up in a Bangladeshi and Muslim household, eating disorders wasn’t something that was heard of, especially in the 1990’s. Viewed very much as a western Caucasian issue I didn’t know who to speak to let alone make sense of my ordeal. This made me look like the child who was always arguing and looking for attention. Being misunderstood created more havoc as a young person.

As I work with clients, I can pick up on each person’s emotional ties with their self -image which leads to certain addictions. On the transformational journey it is pretty amazing to see people change within six weeks to twelve weeks, a process which took me over eight years to understand and heal properly.

For me a lot of frustration was built up due to the false illusions of how females looked in magazines and TV, which of course is far away from reality.  Asian females are not represented in magazine covers which often leads to confidence issues in regards to weight and self-image in various cultural settings.

My obsession with my looks and over training in boxing and in regular gyms saw me spiralling into a deep depression.

My love of fitness was a curse and a true blessing as it was the only thing that enabled me to be accepted without any judgement during this period of sadness.

Something deep was missing in my life and I didn’t know how to connect the dots.

Depression saw me spend a lot of time being alone and lonely, very stressed and I had lost a lot of love for the everyday things I used to do. For one whole year I remember trying my best to fit in and to heal myself but I couldn’t and didn’t know how to either.

I was very fortunate enough to learn about self – love which was the only thing that healed me and got me out of my state of depression.

Taboo’s and stigma’s associated with certain issues such as depression and eating disorders can leave people feeling vulnerable, helpless and unworthy with an internal and external breakdown.

With a background in a dominant sport, I encourage clients to take responsibility of their lives. I had spent years trying to get the perfect body and still very unhappy. As I learnt to love myself I found that we are not taught how to condition our mind set which is key if we want to change physically.

Having worked with some elite coaches in the fitness industry I have been fortunate enough to turn my life around and help those who need my services.

My aim is to teach you:

  • Why health matters, mentally and physically
  • Understanding why expressing our emotions can lead to the biggest transformations
  • How to deal with stress
  • How language creates your outcomes
  • Falling in love with yourself
  • Understanding your emotional intelligence
  • How your values will match your big WHY and the results you get
  • How to feel confident each and everyday
  • Eating and training specifically for their own body types

My purpose is to re-educate you in how to look after their own bodies. You will learn everything that the fitness industry and main stream media has not taught you when it comes to achieving results and keeping it off permanently.

The objective at the end is to show you how to take control and actually never have to follow a diet trend ever again. Imagine the frustration of losing weight and gaining weight vanishing forever?

My MISSION is to change one body at a time and also teach you that SELF LOVE is the gateway to everything.

“When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.”
― Diane Von Furstenberg

It does not matter what your background is or where you are from, if we do not have control over our own mind and body we cannot control anything else. Nobody teaches us how to be nice to ourselves and this is where the problem lies. The whole world can see the best things in us, but if we do not see it within ourselves first then what others see or think of us does not matter.

We have to look after our own hearts, our own thoughts and our bodies too.

Before I go remember our body is a special gift to us from the universe/Creator and it is our responsibility to look after it in the same way we would if we have a car or a flower.

Fitness is just a tool to tap into everything you need to become and be elevated to. Moving your own body gives you a sense of freedom and empowered with a positive mind set you will not believe how far it can take you. By working with clients closely I get to experience how they change inside out. So essentially everyone walks away with two transformations, the mind set and the body.

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