Hijacked by my sugar fix

Yesterday I carefully proceeded to having my first cake. Treat of the year I called it.

Having told myself I need to go easy with the treats after witnessing the pants get a bit too tight it was easy to re train my brain with love and affection to avoid it for the new year.

I have had a few small chocolates pieces in the precious days without going mental and I felt cool and having seen my body shape up quite quick after the festive period I was chuffed.

Costa Coffee to do my favorite carrot cakes. I sat there savoring every mouthful. It tasted good but then not so good at the same time. I felt baffled feeling this way. I like cake a lot you know.

Anyway I came back to train a client at work. Feeling slightly full up, I noticed I felt slightly slugging and My belly was uncomfortably bloated. Unusual seeing I just had a coffee and a sugar fix I thought I would be hyper.

Straight after my client left…..

BOOM..it hit me.A sudden wave of tiredness and irritation took over my body.
I had just over two hours till my last client came in.

So I tried to fight the tiredness by getting some paper woke done.

My focus had altered and I did pretty well past two weeks without the need of a nap. So was fighting that urge to close my eyes. But at the moment the comfortable sofa was just calling my name.

Obviously being a trainer I knew that eating clean for a while and suddenly consuming sugar it had taken an adverse affect on my body but I really wanted to be in denial. I eat cake a lot so what on earth was going on now? (Sidenote: I also train hard to work off the calories)

I gave into the need of a nap. 20 mins ended up a full hour of snoozing sitting upright, head slightly tilted back on the sofa at work.

I had crashed out.

Woke up feeling grouchy and with just 30 mins left before my next client came in I had enough time to freshen up and pray .

Prayer was a joke as I felt my body just going through this motion of bowing up and down. There was no clarity in what verse I was reading let alone if I was repeating myself twice.

I finished late and was super hungry by the time I got home.

I had dinner prepared so it was a bonus..but laid out in front of me were some shortbread cookies my sister had brought.

Past few weeks I didn’t even crave anything at home and was able to resist anything but yesterday there was no thinking process behind it I went on to taking a bite telling myself it will only be a small piece. Yeh right.

I finished the cookie in one go …like magic it had disappeared.

After dinner and an hour later
I found myself scoffing down more dessert with a thick Belgian choc.

I felt I had no control and with the burst of exhaustion I really didn’t care by this point.

I spent the evening in front of the TV watching meaningless stuff, it’s very rare you will find me sat still but last night I was jaded, people at home irritated me
I didn’t feel like moving and was ready for bed by 9pm.

I knew what had happened

I got hijacked by my sugar fix.

It took over every part of my rational part of brain and decided to go into a frenzy leading to want more and more sugar.

It thrived and multiplied and so did my cravings .

And so it occurred to me, the past few weeks I have felt energetic and had a very clear head. I spent 2 months in 2015 where I was feeling low and was constantly eating cakes sweets and any sugary snacks. I got so used to being cranky and moody I became accostomed to it. Feeling tired became the norm and with no energy within me I kept looking for that fix. Only those fixes were slowly killing me .

I woke up this morning with a banging headache. Thirsty and I was more annoyed that I wasn’t able to wake up for my morning prayer. I found myself thinking negative things too

I did what I could do best which was to train, drink lots of water and overcome last night’s loss of control.

Our daily habits and rituals all determine the person we become and the sooner we all realise that sugar is in fact a poison we can come to control our thoughts and bodies.

So next time be careful of your sweet treat and don’t be left in a coma. . .

I am off for a nap now. Happy Saturday.

If you need help to get back on track, I am here to help

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