How to win at your your new training regime

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The first two weeks of my transformational programme is called the BASECAMP. This is where the magic happens where I learn about each different client and help them correct their form and technique, crucial if they want to succeed in their overall goals. ( I will speak about why form and technique is a necessity on any fitness regime on another post)

In Basecamp I am laid back, there is NO right or wrong. I observe how each person does the exercise and I fix their stance or movement so that they get it right from the get go. Basecamp is important for me to help clients restructure their patterns, and understand what part of the brain they are operating from.

 We have all been there where we get excited about training and getting the results that we work on changing everything in one go.

We change our diets drastically, falling into this trap of “healthy eating”.

We end up being strict on exercise sessions and end up exhausted by day six so most people will succumb to eating one slice of cake and hey that’s you off the track till next Monday.

The physical body is the entity of the mind. The mind knows all your patterns and habits, and HABITS are something we cannot get rid of BUT replace slowly until that negative habit has disappeared.

When it comes to dieting and fitness your brain already knows how you operate so it will trip up every time you attempt to do it again. People go through this vicious cycle their entire life causing them to feel like a failure and in effect it creates a destructive relationship of self- hate with the body. I know it too well as I was that person once a long time ago.

 I want to share some of the techniques I use to enhance my clients transformational journeys, not only to drop weight, but to recreate themselves into the best versions of themselves in every area of their lives.

  1. Write down your GOALS.

Pick three goals you want to work with do not focus on WEIGHT LOSS. We can trick the brain to get you to drop weight without it being a goal that you write. You have focused on this too much, therefore not achieving weight loss would have frustrated you in the past and you fall into the trap of feeling like you cannot attain it. An example would be




This takes you away from the primary goal of weight loss and if you focus on different things around your overall weight loss goal it becomes so much more fun and manageable.

2. Change one thing at a time

We are trying to replace old habits with new ones.  There are different parts of the brain at work, the Reptilian part of the brain is the lizard brain, it is smart and hates change and then we have the pre fontal cortex, where we imagine things in the future. When we try to exercise 7 days a week and eat salads and porridge, your brain is literally fighting with will power and discipline.So start of getting into the gym maximum of 3-4 times for the first week and eat normally as you did before, in week 2 introduce things like eating breakfast if you are someone who normally doesn’t or maybe drink more water. Then in week 3 maybe start cooking your meals.

By doing simple things like that keeps the mind out of threat, you are meant to have fun do not make it a chore Be nice to yourself.

3. Be nice and kind to yourself

you are going to live in your body till the end of the time so if you mess up one day, learn how to let it go and jump straight back on the wagon the next day. When we feel guilty and shame it usually is the hindrance of our progression in the fitness game. You are learning about yourself so take it nice and easy on yourself. Take a day out where you have an open window where you can indulge in your favourite foods. You do not want to deprive yourself of anything that you once enjoyed.

4. Have someone to keep you accountable

I failed so many times in the past with the battle of a perfect body. I really thought I knew it all but in reality I was actually damaging my psychological health and this had an effect on my physical body with reoccurring injuries. It wasn’t until I seeked professional help that I understood my body type and how I needed to train. I have three coaches in my life, one for my fitness regime, a therapist (this is so needed for the type of clients I deal with that I also need someone to speak to when I need help) and lastly a business mentor. Without my coaches keeping me accountable it would be so hard to be whom I am today. If you need my assistance use the contact form and get in touch.

5.Create a positive mindset

I left the important one till the last. This is so crucial. I preach about this all the time on social media. What we think about on a daily basis creates a feeling in our bodies which is also manifested into reality. For example someone who keeps telling themselves that they have a horrible body will show up in their energy and how confident they feel. So start practising becoming aware of your words. Write down positive affirmations such as I AM ENOUGH, I AM AMAZING. I AM STRONG and just repeat it every day. If you want to create a different outcome you must be willing to change the things that are no longer working for you.

Hope that helps, leave a comment and let me know how you get along

Yours in love and peace


Ps. If you are someone who needs some assistance use the contact form and book in a consultation and lets see how we can get you to enjoy living and loving life.

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