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I work very closely with each client and it is only fair we get to know each other very well. Otherwise it will be guess work and results will be hard to gain plus I like to offer my services to those who can really benefit from my packages.
We start with a 20 minutes FREE review on the phone (or skype if you are outside of UK)
If I feel I can help you then I will invite you to a consultation



This is the crucial part before anything begins. It is a mini workshop and here I get the chance to find the patterns and habits that create your sabotaging cycle preventing you from attaining your perfect physique. A full body assessment is also covered to assess the bio mechanics of your body.

Investment: £120

For single mums: £75

How long does it take: 80 mins (maybe longer depending on how much we need to cover, I want you to leave feeling inspired for change)

What do you need? A pen and paper, water, wear some loose clothing and we are good to go. This is all about YOU so I want to know everything.

The next step is to contact me and we can get you started


Things I cover which differ from a Personal Trainer and get me amazing results:

  • Evaluation of personal self- image congruency
  • Evaluation study of Axiology, determining highest values assessment –Dr De-martinis system
  • Assessment of lifestyle
  • Challenging the inner chimp
  • Goal setting and how to achieve them step by step
  • Athlete performance visualization coach
  • Resetting your body’s sleep pattern
  • Resetting your body’s metabolism
  • Nutrition and supplement for individual body types,
  • Reduce stress to reduce fat Mind Map mastery techniques
  • You get two transformations. The Body and the mind

Physical aspects:

1) body map assessment ( The threat in your body can be worked out from this
analysis )

2) assessing your squats, hips movement,

3) walking gait

4) Posture

5) Breathing

6) Mobility


Tailored service

This is JUST for you and no one else. No two people will ever have the same body and so no two people will have the same diet and exercise regime. We will work together to find out how we can fit in exercise around your lifestyle

Exercise plan

After our assessment I will be able to tell you what type of exercise your body will respond to the best in order to create results. Sessions are never the same which makes it more fun and exciting to keep you motivated.

Diet plan

This is where I get a bit unorthodox when it comes to serving. I do not provide a weekly meal plan as it goes right out of the window by day 3, but what I do is what gets me the best results. I stay with you almost the whole day and you get to check in with me every meal times and I help you tweak it up as you go along. By doing so keeps you accountable and you will be surprised just how quickly you address new healthy meals without much effort.

Shopping trips

No not for shoes, but for your grocery shopping. I will teach you how to read labels and the difference between food groups. This is a game changer for all my clients.

Measuring progress

I do not use weighing scales to measure progress. This is something I also address in 1-2-1 coaching programs. Numbers on a scale has shown to create anxiety in people and it is misleading and creates fear. Instead pictures and measurements are taken every fortnight. This keeps you on track and you can see the changes better than looking at numbers.


Don’t be scared, this is me allowing you to be responsible of your time and dedication to the program. Homework is set in the form of exercise on the days you do not see me or little extra things that I feel you need to do. it is fun and insightful.

Coffee dates

This is a chance for us to really catch up and find out where you are with the program and how things have changed so far. A great way for me as a coach to engage and see what else I can provide for you.
Coffee is on me, and cake is also provided ( I will be eating cake just so you know)


My services provide the best for your investment and I want to know that you have learnt everything I have taught you. You will get a theory test and a practical exam where you will take me through a routine. Relax it isn’t as hard as your school tests, I am not trying to catch you out. It is for your own benefit. From this I will know whether you need to stay on a bit longer or not till you are fully ready to go out on your own.


I will require for you to at least come and see me 3 times per week. That is the basic amount of time I ask of you. As we progress into the weeks and you make changes we will increase the times you see me, after all you are making a big investment so I will ensure I see you through it till the end.


My 6 week packages has been the most popular package to date. This is for anyone who is seeking a kick starter and has between 1 to 1.5 stones to shift.

The great thing about my services is that I am here to create sustainable results so you never have to worry about dieting again or ever feel frustrated.

The reason why so many of my clients had failed in the past, including myself was purely down to not knowing how to train for their body type. Once you understand how to exercise and eat properly you will find the weight loss is easy but more importantly you will leave with a better mind set.

We just require passion for you to start and begin the journey, stay dedicated and committed and the rest is down to the coaches who do most of the hard work.



The twelve week package is for anyone who needs more help understanding themselves with hands on coaching. This program is ideal for those who have more than 2 stones to drop in weight.

You will expect to chance your habits and patterns and actively learn how to take control of your life and the way you think about yourself. You will elevate your confidence in every area and step into the best version of yourself.

My main mission is to get clients to fall in love with their bodies and this is exactly what all my clients get from me and walk away happier.



Popular with the busy people who want to just get some 1-2-1 attention on their overall body
and get a renewed plan every month with accountability and check ins from the coach.

Here we get you focused on your

Diet plan
Fitness program
Mind set program
With 4 Skype sessions per month to keep you on track
Coffee dates whenever it is needed

INVESTMENT: £97 per month


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