The client who didn’t know she could RUN, until she TRIED

I write this LONG article for two main reasons I can stop talking to myself when praying and meditating (been bugging me since a week now ) some people can realise how they limit themselves just by the way they think at times.

The latter will be more beneficial I hope.

Every single person that comes to work with me, I either get defined or redefined.

I learn something new or unlearn old material.

I see myself in them and they see them in me.

Weirdly our paths cross in paradoxical ways, yet we understand one another.

Some of their personalities shine, they say and do funny shit, the next day I will wake up still laughing and giggling like a hyena, thinking about that moment.

I guess they all become a part of me during the time we work together on the Fitness Reborn UK transformation programs.

Each day is a new day that brings with fresh challenges and obstacles but each week I get to see breathe taking breakthroughs from my determined clients.

I egg them on.

I cheer them on and always remind them to “trust the process, to trust their bodies and their minds”

Dropping weight, on this program is just a bonus. Everything else about them changes in a magical way.

They evolve in the way they speak.

They walk differently.

Their confidence soars through the roof in a matter of weeks.

They are able to breathe better and with ease.

Their smile speaks a thousand words, because they finally had that sweet taste of being able to move freely in their bodies.

Most importantly they have taken control over that emotional eating pattern or even better they end up falling in love with exercise and their bodies (Mission accomplished and yes , I guess I have that swag).

So you get the overall picture I hope, anyway moving on, I took on a client who started the twelve week process back in December 2016, the festive period.

We started our initial cleansing and detox part just two days before Christmas day. ( whoever said it is hard to stay on top of your fitness during this time has been lying to you).

Before I go on (and with her permission) I want to build up a profile of this client.

She has been a big girl almost her whole life, 20 stones in weight.
She is 36 years young, so only three years elder than myself.

She recently got promoted to a senior manager role at her work (Because that’s how we chicks roll).

Has a loving partner whom she has been with since forever (he has been supporting her in amazing ways)

She is the eldest sister and I also want to mention that her ethnicity is Indian ( this is important as cultures have a huge impact on the way we look too).

She spent most of her life comfort eating. No thought in her food intake whatever.

She had been an emotional eater most of her teenage and adult life.

Her desk job meant sitting down all day and she used to be one of those people who wouldn’t move much (but recently that all changed during the program, I heard that she likes to walk whenever she can).

Naturally her body got used to doing less activity and going to the gym for her had always been a nightmare because she was conscious of other people looking at her and making fun of her.

Some folks are cruel.

Anyway let me get to the point, since we started in December all I had her do was basic movements such as walking, squatting, breathing and lunging.

Due to her weight I couldn’t go crazy in each session in case her existing injuries got worse.

Side note: I am a sensible coach and work with each person’s emotions and what they are ABLE to do at that given time.

Together we worked on addressing the issues she has had in the past with food and the lack of exercise, we worked on reprogramming her mind set in so many different ways and getting her to love herself as she is.

She is indeed a very attractive lady and her vibes have a good effect on me, I like training her.

So far she has stuck to everything I have been educating her on and I thought to myself since it has been seven weeks into the programme we definitely have to change her routine a little.

Now that she could move better it sounded like a good plan.

So outdoors we went to do our session, all the time thinking if this is a good idea for her or what if she cannot do it and feels bad.

I trained her and another client together that morning so they had healthy competition with one another.

This client hadn’t ran in any of our sessions, her physical weight just wouldn’t have allowed her to do that.

The first run we did was getting her to jog in and out of the cones and then when she reached the last cone her job was to sprint back to the start.

I got her to take baby steps with me beside her all the time.
She ran WITHOUT stopping, in my head now I am thinking ‘WTF she just ran’

Next round I got her mentally prepared “I want you to work at 50%, which means you give me 50% with everything that you have, YOU GOT THIS!!!!”.

I wished you were there to see her face as she huffed and puffed through with the pace and reluctant to stop.

I stood there smirking, tapping her on the shoulders I said “ WOW damn you fkn ran”

She then replied “MY ENTIRE LIFE (catching her breathe) … I DID NOT KNOW I WAS CAPABLE OF RUNNING”……

OMG!!! (I’d read that again to understand why I had to write this article)

I just stood there, in awe, what she said was deeply profound, deeply moving and certainly very emotional for many reasons.

As I registered what she said the only image that came into my head was of the big elephant that was tied up by a rope.

You see we all hold ourselves hostage in our thoughts and minds to the things we think we can do and cannot do.

This can be in every area of our lives.

The baby elephant when it is born is conditioned by humans to stay in one place tied up with a rope, if it moves it gets physically abused by humans.

The elephant grows up to be a grand, elegant, powerful and strong creature HOWEVER it has convinced it self it cannot break free

Crazy right?

We all sometimes tell ourselves a story that captivates us in many ways.

This clients story and her fitness works as a beautiful metaphor to what else we can unlock in other areas of our lives.

Our brain is a pattern recognising organ, it will only repeat what is of importance and the more we tell ourselves something or do, it will be an automatic behaviour as to the way we live our lives on a day to day basis.

So I invite you to just think about all areas in your life where have you perhaps limited yourself or even conditioned yourself to believe you could not do it?

It could be that job you always dreamt of.

Somewhere to travel.

That book you have put off doing because you keep telling yourself you are not a writer.

That class you wanted to take for years and years.

Make a list and start taking small actions to get to that destination, it all starts with one simple step.

Crisps and chocolate time for me now

Nazia xxxxx

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